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Sunday, August 23, 2009

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  1. azly rahman
    azlyrahmanHelp the Penans of Sarawak, Malaysia now -- they have been dehumanized long enough! Read:
  2. azly rahman
    azlyrahmanWeekend at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC -- Exhibition on Ancient Afghanistan. The Silk Road and globalization in ancient times.
  3. azly rahman
    azlyrahmanFinally-- a new book on multiethnic Malaysia. Cutting-edge perspectives on race relations.
  4. azly rahman
    azlyrahmanWhy must education and schooling in any society create hypermodern classes of the rich and poor -- ? How must we reconstruct this ideology?
  5. azly rahman
    azlyrahmanMalaysia's new Multimedia Super Corridor:
  6. azly rahman
    azlyrahmanWhat price progress?
  7. azly rahman
    azlyrahmanJudging from the number of deaths, political bickering in Malaysia is reducing problem-solving efforts in controlling spread of swine flu
  8. azly rahman
    azlyrahmanFarewell, WS Rendra. Through your art you have inspired generations seeking for peace and justice. Your poems and plays live.
  9. azly rahman
    azlyrahmanChange is still in the air for Malaysians:

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