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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kicking The Dog 2009 Movie Download

Remember that last great summer you had with your friends? The summer you hoped would never end. Kicking The Dog is the story of that summer - a story about real life. Yes, the characters need to make life-changing decisions, but they're also partying, poking boobs, searching the fridge for emergency lubricants, telling stories about sharing condoms and enjoying other distractions that make spending time with old friends something so memorable you'll never find it anywhere else in life - no matter who you meet. Satchem and Julie must decide whether they should pursue their own personal dreams, or stay together, all while telling stories about nipples and wieners. Matt can and will hook up with any girl that crosses his path, including the girl of his brother Robbie's dreams. The sexually frustrated Josh finds himself working at the local porn shop while dating the former slut turned good-girl Jen. Soon his interest in fetishes conflicts with her new found morals, leading to some interesting and confusing moments. High schoolers Robbie, Ronald, The Chubby Kid are doing their best to meet girls and decide the big party needs a theme - "No-Panties Party". They soon realize the best times are always with your oldest friends and the ones you love the most.

MOVIE Meter: Up 55% in popularity this week.
Director:Randy Scooter Lammey
Writer:Randy Scooter Lammey (writer)

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