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Monday, March 16, 2009

Best Inspirational Bollywood Movies

Best Inspirational Bollywood Movies
Indian tradition and culture is intensively based on values and customs. India has always kept a good balance between it’s own root values and adoptation of the global customs. Indian Film Industry has always been capturing these colors and combination of new and old traditions. This movie plot has been favorite amongst many directors specially Dada Saheb Phalke, Satyajit Ray, Guru Dutt, V. Shantaram, Bimal Roy, Dev Anand, Prakash Jha, Shyam Benegal and many more.Following movies have managed to capture some of the most intese and deepest characteristics of Indians and Indian culture. Reflection of these unforgettable and precious moments will surely take you by heart.
Inspiration: We can change the society & country but start from our self..
Like other inspirational Bollywood movies this movie did not perform well on box office, it does not matter.. this was a total inspirational movie for me.. one person can change society is the message it gives and that too practically. It left me feeling even I alone can do something for the society. If we wants to change society & country, We have to start from our self, our home, our city then our country.
Today, Indian youngsters & intellectual peoples get high quality education in India and use it for other countries to earn some more money. If they really love India & wish to develop India, The must have to work for India to make a stronger & superpower country. This movie is so specially for those NRI who born & educate in India but now forget to pay tribute to their motherland. There is no word to describe my fellings in english. Jis Maa ki god main uski pavitra mitti se khel kar hum bade hue, aaj uski ko bhul gaye??? Aur kehte hai ki “Is desh ka kuch nahi hone wala..!!” So Sad….!!!
The title song really touched my heart, It gives message to every NRI: Ye jo desh tera, Swadesh hai tera, tuje hai pukara…..Ye wo bandhan hai jo kabhi tut nahi sakta…
2) A Wednesday (2008)
Inspiration: Public & The CM (Common Man) have to awake & fight against terrorism, Only government or army can’t do anything without support of public. No matter its Congress of BJP govt.
Promos of the movie mislead the viewer and show “Naseeruddin Shah” as terrorist. Here’s the point that needs to be clarified. A Wednesday is not about the train blasts, nor is it similar to MUMBAI MERI JAAN. Terrorism is the wallpaper here, but A Wednesday talks about the plight and power of the common man, the aam aadmi. Who show us, How to use media against the terrorism.
Every people who call their self INDIAN, must watch this movie and its available @ very cheap rates on moserbear.
Inspiration: Knowledge is power, knowledge is light, and Guru, teacher, the guiding light, is the person who takes you from the black abyss of ignorance towards the light of happiness.
As the nature of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, He can perfectly show the felling of the character in the movies in his movies. What wonders a selfless teacher can do! He can give you a purpose to live! And a person whohas a purpose to live, can go beyond his challenges and actually become an achiever…..A deaf-dumb-blind & a slow learner girl, powered by knowledge and motivated by the selflessness and dedication of her teacher, studies till graduation and attains a University degree!!.
4) Yuva (2004)
Inspiration: India’s political scenario will change only when Young, Honest, Educated & Intelligentpeople will enter into politics.
5) Deewaar (1975)
Inspiration:There is no justification of negative action..
The dialogue that touch my heart - “duniya mein hazaro log hain, jo garib hain, bhukhe hain, iska matlab yeh nahin ki sab chor bane” And another inspiration is success is how you define it - For some, success may mean money & status earned at the cost of conscience, ethics like “Mere paas gadi hain, bangla hain”and for some it may mean peace of mind & love earned at the cost of money & status like “Merepaas maa hain”

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