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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Paap 2003 - Free Online Hindi Mp3 Songs Download

Paap 2003 Hindi
Actor(s): John Abraham, Udita Goswami, Mohan Agashe
Director: Pooja Bhatt
Producer: Sujit Kumar Singh
Music Director: Faizi
Genre: Drama, Romance
Certificate For Viewing: A
Synopsis: Kaya (Udita Goswami) a Buddhist village girl from Spiti, is waiting to join the monastery. An elderly lama, dreams of his teacher's rebirth and Kaya is assigned to find and bring the reincarnated boy to the monastery. Kaya finds Llahmo (Madan Bhiku) in Mumbai and they plan their journey back to Spiti. On their way back, Llahmo witnesses the murder of a police officer. Police Officer Shiven (John Abraham) is assigned to investigate the case. He forbids Llahmo from leaving town much to the resentment of Kaya. Shiven gets into danger when he realizes that some police officers are involved in the murder. He escapes with Kaya and Llahmo to Spiti. It is here that love blossoms between Kaya and Shiven and the movie changes track. Kaya's father (Mohan Agashe) does not approve of their love because he thinks that romantic feelings are sinful. Kaya is torn between love and celibacy and has to decide which one she wants. The police continue looking for Shiven, and soon trace him to the monastry, knowing fully well that the monks are sworn to non-violence, and will not enter a physical confrontation for Shiven, leaving him alone to fend for himself.
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Apne Chahaton pe Kaboo - Instrumental
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