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Friday, January 2, 2009

EUPHORIA REDHOOM (2008) New Album Original CD Rip VBR 320 kbps songs

Short Info about the Band - EUPHORIA:Euphoria is one of the most famous and successful bands in India. Their different style helped them create an audience from themselves as an alternative to the dominant Indian film or classical music. Euphoria were among the first to bring rock culture to India. They mixed electric guitar with traditional instruments like the tabla, dholak and sitar to create mesmerizing effects. The band lineup has often changed through the early nineties and attained stability after 1998. Until recently, when guitarist Gaurav Misra aka Gary parted ways with the band. It's been reported in the media that gary went off to settle in Australia. But nothing has diminished its charm over their fans, also known as Dhoomers. Recently, they have even inducted female members into the band mainly as backup vocalists.
Album: Redhoom
Artist: Euphoria
Label: Sa Re Ga Ma
Quality: ~320 VBR
Track list for Euphoria - Redhoom Album:
01. Euphoria - Bhoola Sab
02. Euphoria - Dhoom
03. Euphoria - Tum
04. Euphoria - Rock Sako To Rock Lo
05. Euphoria - Maaeri
06. Euphoria - Phir Dhoom
07. Euphoria - Hind Rock
08. Euphoria - Sha NaNaNaNa
09. Euphoria - Me & You
10. Euphoria - Bewafa
11. Euphoria - Soneya
12. Euphoria - Mehfuz
13. Euphoria - Bhoola Sab (The Forgot Mix)
Download Links for the Redhoom album from Euphoria:

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