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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jumbo (2008) MP3 - Free Online Songs Download

Jumbo, the animated children movie is directed by Kompin Kemgumnird. According to, Jumbo is actually a 2006 Thai film called Khan Kluay (Wikipedia) and is already released on DVD in the US as The Blue Elephant. It doesn't really matter, but I don't see why they're trying so hard to hide that fact. There's no information on the creators of the film on any Bollywood website. Anyways, the main character is voiced Akshay Kumar. It's to be released on Christmas this year, on the same day as Ghajini. Well, now let's talk about the music of Jumbo. Can you believe this, the movie may be for kids, but there is not a single kids' song in this movie! I'm not saying the music is bad, I like the song Everything Gonna Be Alright, but it's almost gangster rap! Come on, it's a an animated movie about a cute little elephant who goes searching for his mom. But why the hell are there rap songs in there? When I found out about Jumbo, I was so happy for all the kids but I'm very said right. My complaint is not about the quality of music, but the fact that it doesn't cater to kids. Btw, the songs are composed by Ram Sampat. To all the children out there, sorry guys, you can stick to that song from Tararumpum for now. They'll maybe think of you next year.
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Badhte Chalo / Sukhwinder Singh
Chayee Madhoshiyan / Sonu Nigam, Sona Mohapatra
Chayee Madhoshiyan - Remix / Sonu Nigam, Sona Mohapatra
Dil Mera Jumbo / Joi Barua
Everything Gonna Be Alright / Kunal Ganjawala
Jaya He / Krishna

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