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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Iron Eagle (1986)

Iron Eagle is a 1986 action film about a teenage boy named Doug Masters (Jason Gedrick) who steals an American F-16 fighter jet to rescue his father (Tim Thomerson), a prisoner of war being held in an unidentified rogue Middle Eastern country. The film also stars Academy Award winner Louis Gossett, Jr. as Col. Charles 'Chappy' Sinclair and features the hit songs "One Vision" and "We're Not Gonna Take It" as part of its soundtrack.

Iron Eagle was released in the same year as another popular aviation-based action film, Top Gun, thus forcing a shift in release dates as to avoid competition at the box office with each other. The film was followed by three sequels: Iron Eagle II. Aces: Iron Eagle III and Iron Eagle IV.


01.One Vision - Queen

02.Iron Eagle (Never Say Die) - King Kobra

03.These Are The Good Times - Eric Martin

04.Maniac House - Katrina & The Waves

05.Intense - George Clinton

06.Hide In The Rainbow - Dio

07.It´s Too Late - Helix

08.Road Of The Gypsy - Adrenalin

09.Love Can Make You Cry - Urgent

10.This Raging Fire - The Jon Butcher Axxis

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