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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Heavy Metal (1981)

Heavy Metal is a 1981 Canadian animated film from executive producer Leonard Mogel, who also was the publisher of Heavy Metal magazine. With Ivan Reitman producing and Gerald Potterton directing, the work flow was expedited by having several animation houses working simultaneously on different segments.

The film is an anthology of various adult-oriented science fiction and fantasy stories adapted from Heavy Metal magazine and original stories in the same spirit. Like the magazine, the film has an unusual amount of bloody violence, nudity and sexuality for a Canadian animated film for the time, thus predating the present day popularity of adult-oriented Japanese anime in the United States.[citation needed]

Mogel planned another film to be promoted under his "Heavy Metal Presents" banner, and Scott Roberts did extensive work scripting an adaptation of William Gibson's short story "Burning Chrome", writing a total of six screenplay revisions. However, this project, planned as a live-action film, was eventually sold by Mogel to Carolco, and the film was never made. Mogel had a meeting with director Luc Besson, since he wanted Besson to direct Burning Chrome.

In 2000 a sequel entitled Heavy Metal 2000 (aka Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.²) was released.


01.Heavy Metal - Sammy Hagar

02.Heartbeat - Riggs

03.Working In The Coal Mine - Devo

04.Veteran Of The Psychic Wars - Blue Oyster Cult

05.Reach Out - Cheap Trick

06.Heavy Metal (Takin´A Ride) - Don Felder

07.True Companion - Donald Fagan

08.Crazy (A Suitable Case For Treatment) - Nazareth

09.Radar Rider - Riggs

10.Open Arms - Journey

11.Queen Bee - Grand Funk Railroad

12.I Must Be Dreamin´- Cheap Trick

13.The Mob Rules - Black Sabbath

14.All Of You - Don Felder

15.Prefabricated - Trust

16.Blue Lamp - Stevie Nicks

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